Your Hump-Day Recess: Extraterrestrial Advice on Drunk Driving

Some drunk driving ads are evergreen in their appeal, and others are of their time. This public service ad from Coors is one of the latter. A lot of people will recognize the fellow behind the bar as the title character from the movie “E.T.” The movie was a hit – in fact, it held the box office record for ten years. However, these days the catchphrase “E.T. phone home” is not heard as often as, say, “Go ahead – make my day.”

In 1982 the message would have resonated, however: MADD’s efforts against drunk driving had been underway for two years, and lenient laws were gradually being revised. In any case, it’s still the right message for anyone who’s had a few too many beers, on this planet or any other.

Note: for another, older and somewhat weirder sci-fi take on drunk driving, go here.

ET phone home

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