Hump-Day Recess: Extremely Long And Weird PSA Starring Michael Rooker

You’ve seen weird PSAs before on Hump-Day Recess, but never this weird. And never this long, either. The Illinois Department of Transportation has recently made  a couple of very high-budget mini-movies that emphasize driving safety. They star Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead. The safety themes are worked into the action, as Rooker and other stars run, drive, shoot, dodge bullets and otherwise endure what looks like an apocalyptic zombie warfare scenario. Below is the second installment, in which the intrepid fighters will do anything it takes to escape from the attackers – as long as it doesn’t involve drunk driving! (Note – the PSA is recommended for audiences 18 and over, though the film manages cleverly to avoid depicting any real violence).

It’s all great fun, and we wish that more famous actors (and famous directors – are you out there?) would use their creativity to get the sober driving message across. Kudos to the Illinois DOT, Mr. Rooker, and all involved.

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