Your Hump-Day Recess: Fake Michigan Microbrews Discourage Drunk Driving

FakeBrew1When you pop into your favorite Michigan pub these days, you might find a beer or two on the menu that isn’t real. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, together with various law enforcement agencies, has unveiled a campaign to discourage drunk driving with a bit of humor.

Bar and restaurant patrons will be seeing table-top placards for microbrews like “Designated Driver Dark” and “Call a Cab Cider.” The beers (sadly) don’t exist, but the messages are designed to drive home the point: don’t drink and drive.

The campaign was announced not at the Governor’s office but in a Grand Rapids bar. Over the next few weeks the placards are expected to be displayed in the more than 1,200 restaurants and bars that are members of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association. Anti Drunk Driving Campaign from MichiganThe campaign was conceived as a kind of conversation-starter to get people talking about the issue and maybe drink more responsibly as a result. The “beers” will be advertised on billboards and television as well.

View the whole menu here. And have one on us.

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