Han Solo in Fan-Edited Drunk Driving PSA

Your Hump-day recess: The Empire Knocks Back a Few

The Internet has answered two of vital questions this month:

  1. How do you reach Star Wars fans with an anti-drunk-driving message?
  2. How to you get Harrison Ford to work for free?

The answer is to do a mashup drunk driving PSA on YouTube, and here it is:

The mashup of old and new Star Wars films was created by YouTube editor OneMinuteGalactica, and it’s classified as Comedy, which is about right. But it’s worth remembering all those aliens in the Cantina in the movie that started it all. Were there designated pilots? Do some of the ships have ignition interlocks to ensure that no one takes off for another galaxy while buzzed? Remember that this all happened A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, and ignition interlocks have only been in common use since the 1990s.

And in case you’re not aware of it, this is not the first time Star Wars has been pressed into service to warn people about impaired driving. The last time was in 1979, and it was even done legally, if not nearly as well. Check out that Star Wars 1979 drunk driving PSA here.

Hat-tip to Nerdist.