Foiled SUV Theft Shows Extra Benefit of an Ignition Interlock

Having an ignition interlock in your car offers a couple of well-known benefits: your chances of another DUI drop dramatically, as the vehicle won’t start if you’ve got alcohol on your breath. And, if theft-of-car-with-ignition-interlockyou’re dealing with an alcohol problem, you can keep working for going to school, go to treatment, and get your life in order while staying sober behind the wheel. For $2 to @3 a day, an interlock leaves you in pretty good shape.

A man in Omaha, Nebraska discovered another benefit of having a car breathalyzer installed in one’s car. Would-be thieves broke into Gary Wrenn’s SUV and tried to steal it. After smashing the window and attempting to hot-wire the car, they realized that the vehicle had an ignition interlock, and they were going to have to blow into it to start the vehicle.

However, they hadn’t been trained in how to use an interlock. It’s not hard – all it takes is a few minutes of instruction and practice – but Grand Theft Auto School doesn’t include an ignition interlock course, so the criminals bombed out. They left in frustration.

How do we know this? Nebraska requires that all vehicles equipped with ignition interlocks also have cameras installed. These cameras record whoever uses it so that there’s no question of another person substituting for an impaired driver.

There’s more: the inept thieves tried again the next night, believe it or not, and again had no success. Police now have the photos from the device and will use them to help find the criminals-in-training before they hurt themselves.

If you are required to have an ignition interlock installed in your car or truck, you now have another reason to look on the bright side. Given the average intelligence of car thieves, you stand a much better chance of holding on to your vehicle along with your driving privileges.