Free Halloween Taxi Rides in DC and Northern Virginia

The creatures of the night will be out tonight. Zombies, vampires, witches, ghouls, mummies, werewolves. Because it’s Halloween, the streets will be filled with demons, mostly of the half-pint variety, begging candy from door to door.


But because it’s a Friday night, the older creatures will be out too: teenagers, students, all kinds of young people who will take advantage of the creepy atmosphere to party in style. And that’s a problem: some of the Halloween revelers haven’t got it in their skulls that you can’t drink and drive.

The problem’s been solved, at least in certain counties in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. WRAP, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, is offering free Halloween taxi rides for residents 21 and over who have been “celebrating with alcohol.”

SoberRide-PosterCall 1-800-200-TAXI and You’re Covered

Tonight, when it’s time to creep back in the crypt, residents can call 1-800-200-TAXI and their taxi ride will be paid for, up to a limit of $30. Users of AT&T can use #8924 (TAXI) as well.

SoberRide is available in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, Washington, D.C., and the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, (eastern) Loudoun and Prince William in Northern Virginia. WRAP is an award-winning public-private partnership which, for the last 32 years, has been working to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking in the Washington-metropolitan area. Their advocacy has been an important driver of strong legislation combating drinking and driving. This includes Maryland’s tough new ignition interlock law, which is saving lives.

Crash statistics for holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day get a lot of publicity, but Halloween is also a dangerous day. Almost half of traffic deaths at Halloween are due to drunk driving. Thanks to WRAP’s efforts, SoberRide took some 300 would-be drunk drivers off the road last year. They’re expected to do that again tonight.

At LifeSafer we hope that other organizations in other states adopt this very simple method to make a holiday safe for all.