Going On Spring Break? You Should Really Read This Now.

teens on spring breakYou deserve a break from your studies, and one is coming soon. But if you’re planning on partying it up, you should be aware: you won’t be invisible. Police patrols will be everywhere, working overtime during spring break.

They’ll be answering distress calls, making drug arrests, quieting down loud parties, and helping to protect the rights and property of both students and residents of the places where students congregate.

But most of all, they’ll be looking out for drunk drivers. The combination of college students and alcohol is famously volatile, and police know it. They’re experts at spotting the signs of impaired driving, and given all the warnings that are circulating in the days before spring break, you cannot count on much mercy from the police or the caught if you’re caught.

The good news is that you don’t need to get a DUI during spring break, provided you take some precautions. And that’s why we asked you to read this now, before you set out for your destination.

Here’s how to plan for a fun break that won’t land you with a large fine, jail time, a possible police record, and worse, a death or injury:

  • Take a minute to plan your trip home. If you’ll be drinking away from wherever you’re staying, figure out how you’ll get back home. Put that taxi number on your phone now (#TAXI should work everywhere).
  • If you don’t want to drive home from the party, don’t drive to the party. Share a cab with friends. If no one has a car, no one’s tempted to get behind the wheel.
  • If you can’t get a ride, stay over. It’s spring break, right? Hit the sofa and sleep it off.
  • Don’t let someone else drive drunk. If a drunk friend appears to have plans to drive, do your best to get the keys. Enlist the help of like-minded friends.
  • Watch out for other drunk drivers. They will be out there. Avoid walking near the road at night.

spring-break-beer-pong-can-lead-to-duiThe idea of spring break is to have fun, kick back, and forget the stress of school for a week or so. And that’s what will happen – unless you’re arrested and jailed for drunk driving, or if you’re involved in a collision. In that case, your break will add more hassle to your life than you’ve ever seen.

So go over these tips again. Plan your ride, keep yourself and your friends safe, and come back from spring break with some happy memories.