Hump-Day Recess: Guerrilla Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

This week’s example of an advertiser fighting the good fight against drunk driving isn’t a high-budget PSA. It’s not a full-color spread in a magazine, or a poster. In fact, the budget for media amounted to some cardboard stencils and a few cans of paint.

The campaign, for MADD, appeared on prom day in Seattle, Washington. Cal McAllister of the ad agency Wexley School for Girls (yes, that’s their name) sent a team to various high schools in the area to paint these notices in the parking lots.

Guerrilla anti drunk driving ad

Timing is everything – prom night is notorious for drinking, and a surprising number of teens admit to drinking and driving on prom night. Perhaps this guerrilla campaign helped students get the message in a way that standard media couldn’t.