If You Feel Someone’s Watching You on Halloween, You’re Right

Halloween-dui-patrols-watchingNo, you’re not imagining things. Eyes are on you.

Why? Because it’s Halloween. The night is full of surprises. And you’re being watched by many eyes. Not ghosts or witches, as far as we know. And not cats – frankly, cats can’t be bothered. But Halloween DUI patrols are out in full force. They’re watching people get into cars when they emerge from restaurants and bars. They’re watching the roadways, looking for anyone who shows signs of impairment. And they’re ready to pull anyone over if they see that you’ve been drinking and driving.

So when you go out for your Halloween celebrations, make sure that you include a safe ride home. It’s not hard to do – just do a bit of calling or texting now and see who the designated driver is. Or if you don’t have one, make sure you have a sober ride home. Then the Halloween DUI patrols can bedevil someone else.

One good idea is to take a taxi or rideshare to wherever you’re going, so you don’t have a car to get in on the way back. A little preparation can make the difference.

Halloween is traditionally a night of drunk driving crashes and drunk driving arrests. But you don’t need to be part of it. Organize your ride now. And you won’t have to worry who’s watching you.

Happy Halloween from LifeSafer!