Harrowing Texas Anti Drunk Driving PSA Receives Telly Award

A police deputy in Lubbock, Texas experienced most people’s worst nightmare. Now some good has come of it.

Scott Duncan was driving on FM-1585 (a farm-to-market road) when a drunk driver hit him head on. From the time the car appeared until the crash, Duncan had less than three seconds to act. The dashcam captured the terrible moment.

Duncan survived, and decided to put his horrendous experience to work in a public service ad, so that others could learn how dangerous and destructive – and frightening – drunk drivers are . With the Owen Group he created an Anti Drunk Driving PSA. It reminds us that buzzed driving is drunk driving, or as they put it, if you feel drunk you are drunk. More to the point, it shows in no uncertain terms what happens when people can’t control their cars.

While we take issue with the use of the word “accident” – drunk driving collisions are the result of a bad decision, and are therefore not accidental – the video does do a great job of encapsulating the blood-chilling horror of seeing a car hurtle toward you. This is reality television at its most potent. Watch for yourself.The PSA won a 2014 Telly Award. The Telly Awards honor outstanding television film and video commercials and programs. The award, given in 2014, was presented last week.