Helen Mirren Tells Drunk Drivers a Thing or Two

Your Hump-day Recess: A Few Choice Words on Drunk Driving from Helen Mirren

There are controversial topics, and topics we all agree on. Among the latter are the idea that drunk driving is stupid beyond belief, and the fact that Helen Mirren is a delight to watch and listen to. This brilliant actress, who has played everyone from the Queen to a retired assassin, will be telling Super Bowl fans exactly what she thinks of drunk drivers in a Budweiser-sponsored ad.

The message is familiar, but having Helen Mirren deliver it makes all the difference. Over many years Hollywood has conditioned Americans to hear upper-class British accents as the voice of authority. When directors need a supreme villain, a brooding genius, or anyone whose voice and bearing carries weight, there’s a good chance that voice and bearing will be from somewhere in Great Britain.

We can’t think of a better use of Dame Helen’s voice. So don’t be a pillock – listen to her!

Incidentally, Budweiser is donating one dollar to safe ride programs every time someone tweets #giveadamn – up to a million dollars – so please do your part.

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