High School Students Asked To Take Breathalyzer At Prom

breathalyzerProm is supposed to be an exciting time – a time for beautiful dresses, boys in uncomfortable tuxedos, and a dance that should forever be remembered as one of the highlights of high school. Unfortunately there are always some students who feel like they want to take prom to the next level by adding alcohol to the mix, and it’s these individuals who can take a fun night out and destroy it with underage drinking.

But a high school in Marlboro, New York aims to make sure underage drinkers don’t ruin their next prom. The school district has proposed prom goers be asked to take a Breathalyzer test before they enter the dance. School resource officers would administer the test, and if a student flunks the test they could be suspended and barred from all year-end events. If the student is a senior, they could even be barred from graduation.

Some parents at the school aren’t on board with the proposed Breathalyzer because they feel it infringes on the 4th Amendment ‘Search and Seizure’ protection. What seems to be pushing the school board to a decision in favor of Breathalyzers is the increased frequency of underage drinking, and they cite a recent party where a parent was arrested for supplying alcohol to minors as one of the reasons the prom needs to test the blood alcohol levels of students who attend.

In New York, a person under the age of 21 can be charged with DUI if they drive with .02 blood alcohol level, so there is no tolerance for underage drinking in the state. In the case of Marlboro, what the school administration appears to be doing is trying to get students to consider the consequences of underage drinking and make the decision to avoid alcohol.

A vote to decide on whether breathalyzers will be at the Marlboro junior prom will be held May 2nd, 2014. It’s the hope of those in favor that the students attending will have a safe and alcohol free event.