Your Hump Day Recess – Animals in DUI Court

It’s a time-honored strategy: deny everything, and blame somebody else.

If the scapegoat is really a goat (or other animal), all the better. They’re unlikely to testify against you.

Last week a man in Texas blamed his vehicle crash not on his drinking — though he had been drinking — but on a turtle, a cat and a squirrel.

And the tree. Of course the tree was at fault.

The man claimed that he swerved to avoid the forenamed animals and crashed into a tree. The police, who were unable to locate any cats or turtles, charged him with drunken driving. The tree was questioned and released.

-Animals-blamed-for DUI
In other news, a Georgia man charged with DUI claims innocence. Police found his dog in a car at a grocery store parking lot on a very hot day. The man said he hadn’t been driving – the dog drove him to the grocery store at which his vehicle was found. He was nevertheless charged with drunk driving and animal cruelty.

Is that any way to treat your designated driver?

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