Your Hump Day Recess: Caps Off To This Brewery

Breweries are getting the idea that it’s not smart for their product to be associated with driving. In fact, a lot of breweries have been competing to see who can be the most responsible in their advertising.

bottlecap with anti-drunk driving messageVasir Breweries of India has devised a reminder that hits you whenever you open one of their beers: the inside of the bottlecap reminds you not to drink and drive. The campaign has won a great deal of recognition for clever message placement.

In the USA, beer advertisers obey a voluntary marketing code that stipulates that beer advertising:

  • should not portray, encourage, or condone drunk driving.
  • may show beer being consumed but not rapidly, excessively, involuntarily, as part of a drinking game, or as a result of a dare.
  • should not portray people lacking control over their behavior, movement, or speech as a result of consuming beer or in any way suggest that such conduct is acceptable.
  • should not portray or imply illegal activity of any kind by someone before during or after they’ve bought or drunk beer, unless it’s part of a spoof or parody.
  • should not portray beer drinking before or during activities, which for safety reasons, require a high degree of alertness or coordination.
  • should not show retail outlets where beer is served or sold as unkempt or unmanaged.

None of this requires a brewery to warn drivers against drinking, but it’s a good idea, and when it’s handled creatively, it might just be a good advertisement for the brand as well as the right thing to do.

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