Ignition Interlock Camera Foils Nebraska Burglar. How About That?

burglar-foiled-by-ignition-interlock-cameraIt wasn’t even a car burglary.

Ignition interlocks are devices designed to prevent one crime: drunk driving. And they do that well, by preventing anyone who has been drinking from starting their vehicle. If the device registers alcohol on a person’s breath, the car stays put.

But recently the device helped catch a burglar who broke into a business. How, you ask?

A safe was stolen from a business in Lincoln, Nebraska a few weeks ago. Looking at the surveillance video, police noticed that the driver of the getaway truck had an ignition interlock – he performed a breath test before high-tailing it from the scene.

Ignition Interlock Camera – Extra Protection

Nebraska is one of a number of states that require a camera along with an ignition interlock. The idea of the camera is to prevent a driver from drinking and then passing the device to a friend to perform the test. The interlock snaps a photo as the test is performed, and the image is stored on the device to be downloaded and checked later.

Once the data was in the hands of the authorities, the date and time stamp on the image put the driver on the scene. It was self-incrimination through technology. The safe was recovered.

Nebraska requires ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenses, as 29 other states do. The devices have been proven to reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes. No other measure, apart from the expensive and extreme option of imprisonment, can actually prevent a person from driving drunk.

Occasionally the devices have foiled car thieves who haven’t been trained to use the device. But this is, as far as we know, the first time an ignition interlock camera foiled a burglary.

Keeping people safe, or keeping safes safe. Interlocks work.