Your Ignition Interlock Questions Answered in 50 Seconds

Thousands of people in the US today use ignition interlocks, yet it’s surprising how many people don’t know what they are, or how they work.

People who are about to get an ignition interlock device often have questions like:

  • Will it suddenly shut off my car while I’m driving? (The answer is no).
  • Will installing it damage the car? (Again, the answer is no).
  • Don’t people find ways to bypass it? (It’s much, much harder than you think).

Others wonder if the devices really work to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents on the road. (The answer is an emphatic yes).

If you are required to get an interlock, you’ll want to have all the answers before you make a choice. At LifeSafer we can give you the whole scoop in our new video here

Making Ignition Interlocks Easy
At LifeSafer we’re always ready to give you the facts so the whole process works easily for you. If after the video you still have questions, give us a call at 1.844.598.5560