State Legislators Propose Ignition Interlocks on School Buses

State Legislators Propose Ignition Interlocks on School BusesIn a perfect world, we wouldn’t worry about our children when they were at school. We’d able to send them off for the day on the local school bus and know they were safe, sound, and happy. Unfortunately, the reality of life is far different. That’s why several New York State Senators are proposing a bill to stop impaired driving through the installation of ignition interlocks on school buses.

The bill was brought to life due to several accidents in Long Island where bus drivers have allegedly been driving under the influence, the worst of which was a bus that ran directly into a house. If the new bill passes through the House, ignition interlocks would be required in school buses sometime in 2015, and all bus drivers would be required to register their blood alcohol level using the ignition interlock prior to driving.

Although the goal of ignition interlocks in buses is to ensure the safety of all children taking transport to school in New York State, the State School Boards Association feels measures can be taken right now within each school district.  Currently each district has the discretion to order random drug and alcohol tests for all bus drivers employed.