Illinois Drunk Driving PSA Spoofs Cheesy 1970s Cop Shows

Your Hump-day Recess: Wide Collar Edition

Here are a few things we know about males aged 18-35:

  1. They are more likely to drink and drive than any other group, male or female.
  2. They think of themselves as invincible and like to take chances (hence #1).
  3. They think 1970s cop shows are hilarious.

Well, #3 applies to just about everyone under the age of 60, but you get the idea. The Illinois Department of  Transportation (IDOT) is trying to reach this elusive group of drivers with a new PSA that uses humor – specifically Starsky-And-Hutch type retro humor – to make a point.

We give IDOT props for wigs and wardrobe – it can’t be that easy to locate white suits anymore – and the car crashing into cardboard boxes is authentic 1970s TV car-chase-excitement-on-a-budget. And humor, a time-honored way to reach audiences, also offers a welcome break from the gloomy siren-and-stretcher PSAs.

The problem is that, ultimately, this PSA a traditional warning ad: if you drink and drive you’ll endure fines, imprisonment, and all the shame of a DUI. We’ve heard it all before, and so have most 18-34-year-olds. If it’s one thing we’ve leared about drunk driving education, it’s that young males are a tough sell: particularly as teens, they value sensation more than caution and common sense.

Still, if one life can be saved by watching men in aviators and moustaches leap across rooftops, it’s worth it.

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