Increased Use of IIDs Shows Decrease in DUI Related Deaths

Every day in the USA, 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. This number has dropped significantly over the years – most notably from the time that MADD launched their Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving 7 years ago. In addition to enforcing a .08 rule across the nation, one of the key initiatives in MADD’s fight against drunk driving was to promote an increase in the use of ignition interlock devices.

After years of analysis, MADD statistics demonstrate that the increase in use of ignition interlock devices has caused a decrease in drunk driving related fatalities. Due to the proven results of IIDs, seventeen states are now requiring ignition interlock devices to be installed in offender’s vehicles, and many states require first time offenders to install an IID as well.

Congress is stepping up and taking notice of the effectiveness of ignition interlock devices too. They have recently passed legislation authorizing funding of up to $20 million dollars for states that pass an ignition interlock law for all offenders. The national attention and proven effectiveness of ignition interlock devices gives hope to MADD, and safety groups such as NHTSA and AA, that the number of states requiring ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk driving offenders will increase and work to eliminate drunk driving.