Cars Give Us Independence. But Not the Kind Worth Dying For.

Founding fathers: Don't drink and driveJuly 4th is here again. For Americans, it’s a celebration of independence, based on the declaration that formed a nation, self-ruled, apart from Britain.

As a result of our history, Americans care a lot about independence. We’re reluctant to give up any kind of freedom, no matter what benefits might accrue. And cars are one of our most common symbols of independence.

We love driving wherever we want, when we want, on our own terms. We’re not enthusiastic about car pools, public transportation or even shoe leather as an alternative to motorized wheels. And when on vacation, a great many of us pile into cars to get where we’re going. More cars, more drivers on the roads, mean more collisions. Especially when too many of those vacationers will be drinking behind the wheel.

Cars give us the independence to see sights everywhere, gather with friends and families and enjoy all kinds of scenic attractions. But that kind of independence is not a right – driving is still a privilege, and in order to enjoy it, we need to stick to the rules.

The rules that matter most will save some lives if everyone followed them on their Independence Day trip:

  • Don’t speed
  • Don’t drive while distracted
  • Don’t drink and drive

As we always say this time of year, our forefathers didn’t declare independence as an excuse for recklessness. The brave soldiers of the American Revolution didn’t sacrifice their lives so that we could throw ours away on the Interstate. Drive safely this weekend. Have a great holiday. See you, safe and sound, on the day after Independence Day.