It’s time for Back to School and Crosswalk Safety

It’s time for Back to School and Crosswalk Safety It may still feel like summer outside, but within a week kids will start heading back to school across the USA. With back to school comes back to safety, and fall is a great time to brush up on the best ways for drivers to keeps kids safe in and around school zones.

There are 55 million children going back to school this fall, and out of those 55 million there will be 13% who walk or bike to class. That’s why drivers need to be on red alert while in and around school zones and during regular school hours, especially during the critical 3pm to 7pm time slot as the largest amount of child pedestrian fatalities occur during those times.

AAA has been running the ‘School’s Open- Drive Carefully’ campaign since 1946, and they have highlighted several key ways you can keep kids safe as they head back to school:

  • Keep your speed down – Speed limits in school zones are kept low to keep kids safe. The faster you are driving, the more likely you are to cause a fatality.
  • Don’t roll through stop signs – Come to a complete stop when in school zones
  • Don’t drive while distracted – Never take your eyes off the road while driving and always put away your cell phone before getting behind the wheel.
  • Watch out for bicycles on the road – Kids on bike are faster and harder to spot while you are driving. Always be on the look out for kids on bikes in school and residential areas.