Student Magician Juggles for Police, Passes Sobriety Test

Your Hump-day Recess:

The field sobriety test can be daunting even to the sober. Plenty of people without a drop of liquor in them would still have a hard time walking a straight line and pivoting 180 degrees. But the FST is a standard measure police use to suss out whether a person has been drinking and driving. Many people pass it, but few ace it the way this man did.

A student at the University of Central Arkansas was stopped on a Friday night for having a brake light out. Because it was a Friday night, and a student at the wheel, it made sense to check for signs of impairment. But this student was not only in possession of all his faculties, he was also a juggler, and he treated the police to a demonstration to show that he was sober as a judge.

This is probably a good a time as any to remind people that police in every state have a wide margin of discretion with regard to stopping people. Any form of erratic driving will get a cop’s attention, for the very good reason that drunk drivers make mistakes, so mistakes can indicate drunk driving. The next step is to talk to the driver and look for signs of impairment. Any suspicion, and the officer will perform the FST. If the motorist fails the sobriety test, or if the officer feels it’s otherwise justified (say, the odor of alcohol is present), then the next step is a a breathalyzer. But even that is not conclusive: courts will usually require a properly-administered blood, breath or urine test to prove that the driver was operating the vehicle under the influence.

In this case, the driver was let go. Depending on your level of intoxication and/or juggling skills, you might not be so lucky.

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