This July 4th, Think About the Price of Independence

Have a safe July 4th It’s been a long while since Americans fought for their own independence. We’re pretty used to the idea by now. And around the world we’re considered a pretty independent-minded people.

One of the ways we’ve always practiced independence is through our cars. America is the land of hit-the-road, follow-the-sun, and drive into the sunset. We like long car trips, we think nothing of long commutes, and we love our cars. And on holidays like Independence day, a lot of us are on the road, going in our independent directions to celebrate.

It’s made us what we are as a people, but that independence has a price. On the roads, that price is a shockingly high number of road deaths each year, a number that climbs during holiday weekends.

Not surprisingly, drunk driving is a leading cause of road deaths on holiday weekends. We drink, get tipsy, and then we want to climb back into our own cars, because asking someone else for a ride home would be losing our independence. We’d actually have to rely on someone else for a ride home.

The carnage on the roads is too high a price to pay for that kind of independence. When you drink, you are dependent on others, because your judgment is off, your reaction time is slow, and if you drive you’re a danger to yourself and others.

If you’re drinking this July 4th, make a plan. Designate a driver, and make sure he or she sticks to the agreement. Or else stay over, take a taxi or rideshare, or use public transportation. Do that, and you’ll live. So will others on the road.

July 5th is a great day to be alive and independent in America. Make sure you get there.

Happy July 4th from LifeSafer