Your Hump-Day Recess: A Karaoke Microphone Breathalyzer

Once again, the São Paolo establishments of Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz render a public service, making the denizens of Brazilian nightlife aware of just how potent a drug alcohol is.

Their plan: insert a breathalyzer into a karaoke microphone. The unwitting crooner performs, and is afterwards rewarded not with a score, but with a reading of his or her own BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level. Apart from the fun, the breathalyzer gives us a good reminder that alcohol is fun because it lets us shed inhibitions – and that might include inhibitions about driving under its influence. The ad scores extra points because it juxtaposes a pursuit that is almost exclusively alcohol-fueled – karaoke – with driving, which should never be.

We’re accustomed to seeing breath tests being done on people who are aware of it at the time – drivers stopped by police, ignition interlock users, and partygoers using a smartphone or coin-operated breathalyzer during a night out at a bar. This sort of stealth breath testing has its appeal, though. It could lead to safer streets, and possibly better singing at bars, too.

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