Kids Test Out Breathalyzer At Time 2 Drive Event

breathalyzerWhen is it time to teach your kids about the effects of alcohol and drinking and driving? You might think it’s better to wait until they are old enough to drink, but the best time to begin educating children is a long time before they themselves will have a chance to pick up a can of beer or glass of wine. The key to teaching them properly is to keep the topic age-appropriate and engaging, and that’s why kids in Iowa tried out a Breathalyzer during a two-day Time 2 Drive event recently.

Local law enforcement and the Government Traffic Safety Bureau made themselves available to teach younger high school students how drugs, alcohol, and texting can affect your driving. Alcohol is widely known to slow down your reflexes, affect your coordination, and impair your ability to make appropriate judgment about your driving, and it can hit teens even harder because they tend to binge drink and have a lower tolerance for alcohol.

Texting while driving can distract you from the road, and according to statistics published on, text messaging while driving makes it 23 times more likely that you’ll crash. The website also details how 77% of teens feel confident in their ability to text while driving, so educating them on the perils of distracted driving before they get behind the wheel is important.

At the Time 2 Drive event, students were asked to try a sobriety test and used impairment goggles to see how it feels to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They were also shown how a Breathalyzer works and used a driving simulator to see first hand how impaired driving will affect them.

Although Time 2 Drive focused specifically on high school students, events such as this one are also put on during trade shows, demonstrated for businesses, and publicized at local fairs in the hopes that it will show kids first hand the dangers of drinking and driving.