Drunk Driver Flattens $240K Worth of Car in 1 Second

Image: Costa Mesa Police Dept. Instagram

If you don’t know what a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is, that’s understandable. They’re not easily found at a showroom near you. And at a price of about a quarter million dollars, they’re not considered an affordable option for the average family.

But people do drive the supercars, and every once in a while they drink and drive them. If it seems as if it happens often, it’s because every single supercar DUI crash gets in the national press. Perhaps deservedly so.

The latest one happened in Costa Mesa, California. An allegedly drunk driver managed to leave the road and wedge itself under a construction trailer.

Is a crash in an expensive supercar worse than one in a ten-year-old Camry? The Lambo can reach 200 mph, so it can certainly be more deadly. And a drunk driver in a Lambo is more dangerous than a drunk driver in, say, a Yaris.

Supercars As Weapons

The question, then, is whether drunk driving penalties should take into account that a driver was operating a more dangerous car, much in the way that “assault with a deadly weapon” is a more serious crime than an assault without one.

In fact, exotic cars like Lamborghinis are notoriously hard to handle even for sober drivers. They take skill and training, whereas they are often purchased by people whose main qualification is money. Should special training be mandatory for such cars? Perhaps there should be a Supercar driver’s license, just as there is a Commercial Driver’s License for bus and taxi drivers.

In any case, driving drunk is already against the law, and if the driver is convicted the judge will have some discretion as to how negligent the driver was in getting behind the wheel of a 200 mph supercar while drunk.

The good news: only minor injuries.

More good news: according to his Facebook profile, the driver has a degree in Automotive Collision repair. That will come in handy in case the scratches don’t buff out.

Even more good news: ignition interlocks can be installed in Lamborghinis just as they can in Camrys.