Interactive Bar Experience Lets You Avoid – or Commit – a DUI.

Every drunk driving incident, whether it’s an arrest or a collision, begins with a decision, or a set of decisions, about alcohol. At any point the wrong decision can have terrible and lasting consequences.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants people to think about those decision points. Last Call is an interactive 360-degree video experience which places you in a bar – either cocktail lounge or sports bar – and takes you through the rounds of friends and party animals who ply you with drinks. At each juncture you can choose to drink again, or pass it up. Each drink you consume raises your alcohol level, and then you’re faced with the decision – drive home or get a sober ride?

If it sounds familiar, it’s the same decision faced by drinkers every night . And making the wrong decision takes about 10,000 lives each year in this country.

If you mess up, you’ll end up being arrested, of course.

Give it a try. It’s a good reminder of the decisions that we need to make every time we go out drinking. Maybe if we get some practice at making the right decision, it’ll be easier when the chips are down.