Is This Your Last “Super Bowl Drunk Driving” Message Ever?

All right. You’re tired of the warnings. The advice. The entreaties.

And you’ve had the Tostitos bag breathalyzer up the wazoo.

Everywhere you go you’re being bombarded with “Don’t Drink and Drive After the Super Bowl” messages.

You’re being told that car crashes skyrocket after the Superbowl.

And you don’t want to hear it anymore. We get it.

But remember this: someone is going to die after the game. A good number of people, in fact. And it’s all because they didn’t take the warnings seriously. You have to wonder: was this the last warning they saw?

If so, we want to be able to say we did a thorough job. One last time, let’s go over the reason you’re in danger driving home after a Super Bowl viewing session:

  • Alcohol. There are those who drink root beer or lemonade during the game, but not too many. It’s safe to say that a sizable portion of spectators, at bars or at homes, will have a good buzz on by halftime.
  • Food. The food that tends to accompany football games, especially the big game, tends to cloud the human mind. Massive amounts of fat and carbohydrates, added to the alcohol, means that few emerge from the affair more alert than when they went in.
  • Emotions. The ups and downs of the game can leave one exhausted, distracted, and on edge – not the best condition for driving.
  • Weather. It’s February, which in some parts of the country can mean rain, snow and ice.

The New England Journal of Medicine found that car crash injuries increase 46 percent after the Super Bowl telecast in most states, but 68 percent in the state that had the losing team. Presumably, those losers are so distraught – and so drunk – that they can’t see the cars coming at them on the road.

So look carefully. Are you prepared for the drive home? Is one person in your group staying sober? Or are you arranging a sober ride home? Now’s the time to set it up.

Please do it. We’d hate for this to be the last “Super Bowl Drunk Driving” message you ever read. We have a really great one planned for next year.