A Laugh-Out-Loud Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

Drunk driving used to be funny, but it isn’t any more. With drunk driving ads is almost the reverse. The messages about drunk driving used to be somber affairs, full of screeching tires, twisted wrecks and hustling medics. There are still plenty of PSAs that attempt to scare drivers sober, but we’re happy to say that a light-heartedness has crept into the genre. One delightful example is this Carlton Draught spot from Australia, which sends a message while sending up the entire car-chase genre.

This ad could never have been conceived fifteen years ago; the premise would have been quaint to the point of incomprehensibility. But drunk driving keeps getting less and less fashionable, and we’re now at the point when someone drinking beer will be expected to avoid getting behind the wheel – at least in most places. That’s the beauty of the ad – it doesn’t offer any explicit warnings. The characters just assume that drinking and driving don’t mix.

The ad, by Clemenger BBDO, gets extra points for hitting every single car chase cliche, from the pile of cardboard boxes (a favorite of low-budget films because the cars don’t get damaged) and the low-angle slow-motion Bullitt jump shot to the drawbridge leap and the obligatory race through the LA riverbed.

Something of a change: a drunk driving ad that tells us not only what we need to do, but what we’ve accomplished already. All while giving us a good laugh.

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