A Hint From LifeSafer – How Not to Lose Your Grin This Halloween



For most of us, Halloween is fun, spectacle, chills, treats, surprises, costumes, and a generous helping of silliness. And why not?

Unfortunately, some people seem to shed their common sense when they put on their zombie makeup. They party to the max and then get behind the wheel. Two problems with that:

  • They should not be driving under the influence
  • More people – including kids – are out than on a regular night, making drunk driving even more dangerous

It’s possible to have a great time on Halloween, and still get home without a crash or a DUI. The secret is to plan ahead. There’s more than one way to skin a black cat:

  • Find someone in your group who won’t be drinking on Halloween, and rope him or her into being a designated driver
  • Call a rideshare service. They’ll all be out tonight looking for rides, take our word for it
  • It’s a Saturday – plan to crash at your host’s house (better than crashing on the road)
  • Arrange a pickup from someone who’s not in the party mood

There are other ways of staying safe too – these are just the obvious one. The point is to have a plan. And there’s one thing you need to do as well:

  • If you see someone about to drink and drive, stop them

That’s it. LifeSafer wishes you a happy Halloween. May all your scares be the fun kind.