LifeSafer Ignition Interlocks Keeping Franklin County Roads Safe

October 17, 2011

Columbus, OH – LifeSafer, Inc., an Ohio-based Ignition Interlock Manufacturer, is now the sole service provider in Franklin County, Ohio’s Municipal Court to install Camera Ignition Interlocks as a mandatory requirement for all drunk-driving (OVI) offenders declared by the Court financially unable to pay the full cost of the program. This program allows continuous alcohol monitoring of indigent OVI offenders and prevents them from getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Lifesafer Ignition Interlock Ohio“I’m pleased that Franklin County Municipal Court and LifeSafer are partnering on this important effort to make our streets and neighborhoods safer while reducing drunk driving,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. This is not a program Franklin County takes lightly… LifeSafer was up against several other competitors to be the sole ignition interlock supplier for the indigent driver. This program also supports rehabilitation programs but the bulk of the funds are expected to be used for interlocks over the three year term.

The Ohio Legislature raised OVI fines and license reinstatement fees and re-allocated a portion of those funds paid into the State Treasury for Counties to subsidize the use of alcohol ignition interlocks and other alcohol monitoring technology and treatment for indigent OVI offenders. “This program with LifeSafer holds the indigent offender accountable without putting the public at risk. It will not only improve public safety, but will also help the indigent driver to remain employed during the probationary period,” states Chief Probation Officer, Michael Roth.

“We are proud to have been selected by Franklin County Municipal Court as part of their bold and innovative step to slow down the folks reoffending by continuing to drive under suspension and under the influence,” said Richard Freund, President and Founder of LifeSafer. “Our Camera Interlock technology will not accept a breath-test to start the vehicle unless we get your picture blowing into the device in the driver’s seat, so it is not easy to circumvent. And the device can be programmed to require the person to take in-driveway breath-tests multiple times a day whether they operate the vehicle or not. These devices will help keep the offender sober and support abstinence throughout the treatment process.”

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