LifeSafer Predicts the Losers of Super Bowl 50

super-bowl-50-drunk-drivingIf you’ve made a friendly wager on the outcome of this Sunday’s game, or if you’ve got strong ties to one of the teams, you’ve got a stake in the winner. If the bookies are right, the Panthers are set to best the Broncos at Super Bowl 50.

Either way, we can tell who the real losers will be this Super Bowl Sunday.

  • The fan who drinks all through the game, then heads for home in a car.
  • The passengers who rides with that fan.
  • The host who sees a drunk guest leaving the party, and doesn’t intervene.
  • Anyone on the road who’s near that drunken fan.

This isn’t idle speculation. In 2013 the Auto Club of Southern California studied drinking and driving on Super Bowl Sunday, and found that the risk of a DUI crash is about 75 percent greater the day of the event than on other Sundays.

The solution? If you’re a guest at a Super Bowl 50 gathering, do this:

  • Designate a driver, or make plans to stay long enough to sober up (it might be quite a long time – plan on an alcohol-free dinner)
  • If you don’t have a DD, call a taxi or a friend.

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl Party:

  • Encourage guests to have a plan to drink OR drive.
  • Stop serving alcohol and start coffee and dessert after halftime.
  • Serve food (protein and carbs) to slow alcohol’s effect
  • Make non-alcoholic drinks available.
  • Keep a taxi, rideshare or sober ride service phone number handy.

And of course, if you see an impaired driver on the road, call 911 from a safe place and report the incident.

That’s it. We can tell the Patriots or Broncos how to win Super Bowl 50. But we offer advice on how not to be a big loser on that day.

See you at the game.