LifeSafer Unveils New Branding Initiative

LifeSafer Interlock, an industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of ignition interlock devices, which have been proven to reduce injuries and fatalities associated with drunk driving, announced its plan to rebrand the company to simply LifeSafer and unveiled a new logo, tag line and visual identity as part of the branding initiative. Capitalizing on 20 years of developing accurate and trusted ignition interlock devices and monitoring systems, the new name better positions the company for the future.

The new logo consists of the LifeSafer name, the tagline “People and Technology for Safer Communities” and a graphic element representing a positive path for LifeSafer clients with a subtle nod to the roads the company has helped keep safer since 1991. The new visual identity will be applied to all marketing and communications materials including the LifeSafer website. The affiliated distribution websites for National Interlock and Affordable Ignition Interlock will be integrated later this fall, featuring improved functionality, a robust service provider locator and additional customer service tools for clients.

LifeSafer Logo -Tag Line People and Technology for Safer Communities

“This is the perfect time to introduce a new logo and branding,” said Craig Armstrong, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for LifeSafer. “It publicly demonstrates the unification of the company and also aligns with our strategy moving forward. Our new branding is bolder, brighter and more positive. It really represents the positive effect we have on people and communities every day.”

“The company’s new tagline ‘People & Technology for Safer Communities’ tells you everything you need to know about LifeSafer. Our key strengths are our people and our products. We are known for our accurate and reliable devices and monitoring, but what really sets us apart is our people and the outstanding service and customer care they provide. Every day our people use LifeSafer technology to make a real difference in individuals’ lives, and help make the communities they live in safer for everyone,” said Jerry Stanton, Founder of Affordable Ignition Interlock.

“In January we announced our partnership with Lineage Capital that allowed us to combine LifeSafer Interlock, National Interlock and Affordable Ignition Interlock into one company to better position us for accelerated growth. This is the logical next step as we integrate the companies and really start moving forward together as a unified force,” said Richard Freund, founder of LifeSafer.

“LifeSafer launched the new Portable and Home Alcohol Monitoring Unit in June, our first non-interlock product. By rebranding to LifeSafer, we are poised for growth beyond our core ignition interlock product line,” said Mike Balgord, Founder of National Interlock.

Unveiled last week to employees, the rebranding will be rolled-out across all of the Company’s operations over the coming months. The change will be inclusive of LifeSafer Interlock and all of its affiliated distribution units – National Interlock Systems, Inc., Affordable Ignition Interlock, Interlock Group of Florida, and LifeSafer Interlock of Texas – which will begin operating under the new brand immediately. The new visual identity will also extend to external LifeSafer Master Distributors that choose adopt the branding platform, thereby presenting a more cohesive and consistent identity to the marketplace.

About LifeSafer

LifeSafer is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ignition interlock devices in the United States that are employed in the vehicles of DUI-convicted offenders. LifeSafer Interlock devices and alcohol monitoring technology systems are distributed through company owned operations and master distributor service providers that are solely dedicated to handling LifeSafer equipment in 42 states through over 1,500 service locations. For more information on LifeSafer and its products please visit