MADD Creates New Online Tools for Victims of Drunk Driving

The fight against drunk driving has not always been a popular cause. It was not until Mothers Against Drunk Driving came on the scene that citizens began to clamor for stronger laws against impaired driving. One of the ways MADD changed the public’s understanding of the problem was to focus on the victim. The organization stressed the idea that drunk driving was a criminal act, and the crime had victims: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, family and friends whose lives were torn apart because of a thoughtless act.

MADD-logoToday MADD is continuing not just to publicize the plight of victims but to help them in a number of ways. The organization has just announced a new Facebook Group exclusively for victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving. Those whose lives have been affected can check in and seek information and support.

To render more direct help, MADD also offers a new online chat feature on their website, accessible from the home page or the Victim Services page. During regular business hours victims and survivors can contact a Victim Services member who will counsel you on matters such as coping physically and emotionally with the aftermath, and also on obtaining legal and other assistance.

These groups are only for victims and survivors. Others who want information about anti-drunk-driving efforts can to to, where they will find a great deal of information and resources.

We hope that many victims and survivors of drunk driving who have not yet sought help will find that the convenience and immediacy of the new online tools suits their needs. If your life has been affected by a drunk driver, MADD is there for you, just a phone call or a click away.