When a Drunk Driver Needed Stopping, A Mail Carrier Delivered

mail-carrier-stopping-drunk-driversFriends don’t let friends drive drunk, goes the slogan. But what about strangers? Would you stand by and let someone who is obviously impaired take to the road?

One man – an anonymous hero – didn’t do that. A mail carrier in South Euclid, Ohio saw a woman having trouble getting out of her car in front of a house while he was delivering mail. Apparently he took her car keys and gave them to a woman who lived at the residence. She reported the incident, but didn’t have the mail carrier’s name.

Police arrived and tested the driver, who was booked for drunk driving.

A Civic Duty

The mail carrier did nothing less than his civic duty by keeping the driver away from her car keys. Last year Ohio saw more than 300,000 crashes, resulting in about 100,000 injuries and 1100 deaths. About a third of those were alcohol-related. Apparently the mail carrier knew the risks of letting that driver keep her keys in that condition. Stopping drunk drivers is a public safety necessity.

How to Deal With Drunk Strangers

Most of us know how we might handle a friend who was planning to drive drunk, but how do we go about stopping drunk drivers if we don’t know the person involved? “It’s none of my business” is not the right response. It’s certainly your responsibility to prevent the incident if possible.

Easier said than done. Taking keys can be risky – perhaps the mail carrier felt safe taking a key from a stranger, but your situation might be different, and you don’t want to risk your own life. A better idea is to call 911 and try to distract the driver until the police arrive. If they do drive, off, get a description of the vehicle and license number.

Meanwhile, our hat goes off to the South Euclid mail carrier, who saw a dangerous situation and addressed it.