Maine Cracks Down on Repeat Drunk Drivers with New Bill

Maine Cracks Down on Repeat Drunk Drivers with New BillThere’s a new Maine DUI bill coming down the pike that could allow drinking drivers with 3 or more convictions to receive a quicker reinstatement of their driver’s license. All they’ll have to do is install an ignition interlock device in their car and prove sobriety before they drive.

The bill proposes that these repeat offenders will receive their driver’s license back earlier than mandated four years if they install the IID and comply with the conditions of use. Not only would this allow drinking drivers to get back on the road more quickly than before, it could play a significant role in their rehabilitation by allowing them to make a fresh start.

Such a law won’t come a moment too soon in Maine. Research by MADD shows that there were 21,000 individuals who were 3 time DUI offenders in the state, and approximately 4,000 offenders who were convicted 5 times. If passed, Maine will be joining 17 other states that have passed similar laws.