Mass. Drunk Driving Arrest: Pickup Had Just 3 Tires. Whoops.

drunk driving with no tire in Mass.Observant drivers can be a great help to law enforcement. Such as when a motorist in Becket, PA noticed something was not right with a truck going down Jacob’s Ladder Road. When a police officer was called in, he found that the truck was operating minus one tire.

What kind of driver would drive on 3 tires? An impaired one.  The driver was booked for OUI.

You can add this to the file of amusing drunk driving stories. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think for a minute about what it means to be so intoxicated that you ignore the screeching of a wheel on asphalt –a sound that the police officer said sounded like a “snowplow.”

If you can ignore that, you can ignore a car in the opposite late, or a person walking along the road, or a child at an intersection. In short, you are a menace, and it’s very fortunate if an alert citizen is able to spot you can take you out of action before someone gets hurt.

The point? The driver probably thought he was “okay to drive.” That’s the problem with alcohol: it not only makes you a bad driver, it makes you unable to judge that you’re a bad driver.

No one goes out on the road thinking that they’re a danger to other people. That is why the vigilance of others is vital. Police can’t do it alone. If you think you’re seeing drunk driving, call 911. You’ll be doing the right thing. Here are some ways you can tell.

  • Weaving
  • Hitting the curb or veering into oncoming lane
  • Driving too slowly, or changing speeds erratically
  • Nearly striking an object or vehicle


Of course, if the car or truck has 3 tires, you’re also advised to make the call. Chances are something is indeed wrong.