With a Mardi Gras DUI, Fat Tuesday Could Weigh You Down for Years

mardi-gras-drinking-drivingTomorrow is Mardi Gras, a renowned celebration observed all over the world. In the US, New Orleans is the city that pulls out all the stops, though one finds parades and parties from Tacoma to Kennebunkport. What unites all these events is the spirit of abandonment that is the traditional prelude to the penitential season of Lent. Costumes, music, and copious quantities of alcohol are always on the scene.

Please remember that there will be police patrols on the scene as well, looking for drunk drivers. And while the “anything goes” spirit of Mardi Gras is famous, drunk driving is not part of that – you will be arrested and booked just the same as any other day of the year.

In fact, in Louisiana Mardi Gras is the deadliest time of the year on the  state’s highways, with the five-day holiday period accounting for about 600 crashes in which people are injured or killed. As a result, legions of police will be on the roads to catch anyone who appears to be driving while impaired.

But it won’t just be New Orleans. Police all over the country are aware that tomorrow is viewed as an excuse to go wild, and they will be making sure that does not include behavior on the roads.

The consequences of a DUI will last a long time after the hangover fades: fines to pay, possible jail terms, a police record, employment problems, community service, an ignition interlock on your vehicle, and more.

If you agree that handcuffs should not be part of your Mardi Gras costume, follow these tips

  • Don’t overdo the drinking. It’s possible to drunk but not get falling-down drunk. That way, you enjoy more and you’re not a burden to others.
  • Don’t drive. Get a ride to and from the celebrations, or choose (or be) a designated driver.
  • Don’t let friends drive if they’ve had too much to drink.

Apart from that, anything goes!