May 7th is National Bike to School Day

National Bike to School Day For many kids, biking to school isn’t something that is part of their daily activities. Because a lot of children are being driven by their parents, carpooling, or taking the bus, riding a bike to school doesn’t come into play very often. National Bike to School Day is one of the initiatives put into place to change kid’s attitudes toward biking to school, and this May 7th, 2014 your children can take part.

Across the United States events will be held in conjunction with National Bike Month. Children will be encouraged to join in the fun and ride their bike safely to school, and by doing so they’ll be having fun, enjoying healthier habits, promoting safety and a clean environment, and supporting their community.

To participate, children can either bike from home, bike from a certain starting point if home is too far away, or bring out their bikes and bike at school. Any activity is welcome, because the goal is to get kids out there and having fun.