They Died for Freedom. Will You Die For Something Less Important?

memorial day 2017 cemetery WA

Holidays come around each year. So does holiday behavior. In the US, a holiday weekend is marked by family celebration, free time, picnics, cookouts, road trips and relaxation. It’s also marred by the appearance of drunk driving statistics.

The number of car crash injuries every Memorial Day is staggering – more than 50,000. Fatalities number around 400. There are several reasons for the crashes, but the most serious one – accounting for almost half of all collisions – is alcohol.

The other causes are distraction – an ever-growing menace – and speed. Many of the injuries and deaths can also be put down to not wearing seat belts and improper child seating arrangements.

It seems strange that we would designate a holiday to commemorate the deaths of those who fought to keep us safe, and then risk our lives for utterly silly reasons – because we couldn’t be bothered with a designated driver, or didn’t want to click a seat belt, or couldn’t live without reading that text that just came in.

Those brave soldiers didn’t die so we could toss away lives carelessly. We owe them for their sacrifice, and one way to honor it is to treat with respect the lives that they made possible. So this Memorial Day:

  • Don’t drive drunk. Have a plan for keeping driving and alcohol separate.
  • Don’t drive while fatigued.
  • Don’t speed.
  • Don’t be distracted. The text can wait.

Remember: some people give a life for a cause. But no one should throw away a life for anything.

LifeSafer wishes you a happy – and safe – Memorial Day weekend.