Minnesota Torture Threat: Justin Bieber Prevents Drunk Driving

Bieber drunk driving tweetIt all started in Wyoming, Minnesota around last Thanksgiving. The Wyoming PD decided to tweet a threat to its citizens to keep them on the straight and narrow over the holiday weekend, at least as far as impaired driving went.

The idea was taken up by other police forces for publicity’s sake. Now the Wyoming PD had another brainstorm. For Super Bowl Sunday they chose a punishment they thought was worse even than the excruciating manufactured boy band:

The tweet pretty much won the Internet for a few hours, but that isn’t why we’re saluting the officers. The real story is that no drunk drivers were picked up that night in the town. So perhaps the message is getting through.

We don’t think anyone takes a threat like this seriously. But it might have kept the idea of sober driving in the minds of locals that day. And any method of discouraging drunk driving is a welcome addition to the arsenal.

Provided it stops here. There are limits to what a person can take, after all.