Missing Wheel, Dragging Bumper: Drunk Driver, Ya Think?

drunk-driver-loses-wheelPolice in Bellevue, Washington encountered a man driving a car that was not outfitted to specifications, in that it only had 3 wheels. In addition, the front bumper was dragging on the ground.

Most people who are missing a wheel, much less a wheel and half a bumper, tend to stop their vehicles and survey the damage. Usually a tow is in order. This man, however, proceeded along the street until police stopped him. He told the police he had no idea what he’d hit which might have caused him to lose a wheel.


The Devil Made Him Do It?

A man drove into the side of a church on a recent Sunday morning – fortunately, early enough that no one was yet in the building. Apparently the crash put the fear of the lord into him – he told police he was a passenger and not the driver of the errant car.

Most people don’t realize that making such a false claim turns a collision into a hit-and-run: it’s the equivalent of leaving the scene of the crime.

These two incidents highlight a couple of things. First, even though they are amusing in themselves, they illustrate how dangerous drunk driving is. The driver of the first car had no idea what he’d hit. With his senses that impaired, he could easily have hit a pedestrian or an infant in a baby carriage. Most likely he’d collided with a parked car or other solid object, but that was not due to any caution on the driver’s part. The second car could have hit a building that was inhabited. Cars are dangerous killing machines when out of control.

The second thing we learn is how bad a driver one becomes under the influence. Bad enough to keep driving after losing a wheel.  Bad enough to miss a turn and hit a church.

As it is in Bellevue, Washington, so is it all over the country: people are drinking and getting behind the wheel, oblivious to or uninterested in the possible consequences.

This time the consequences were funny – except to the drivers and those whose property was damaged.

Next time it might not be.