A Breathalyzer on Wheels Will Speed Up Maryland DUI Arrests

maryland dui truck with breathalyzerIt doesn’t take long to spot a drunk driver. Once an officer sees a car hit a curb, veer into an oncoming lane, dawdle suspiciously at a stoplight, or display other telltale signs, it’s just a matter of pulling over the driver, asking some questions, and administering the field sobriety test.

Then comes the time-consuming part. The officer needs to bring the alleged offender down to the station to be tested by an evidential-quality breathalyzer.  The ones the officers carry are quite accurate, but for a court case, a bigger machine is needed. Bringing the driver to the station and setting up the test takes time – and it takes an officer off the streets. If a way could be found to get those suspects tested faster, the officers could get back to their beats, where they could be on the lookout for more drunk drivers. The roads would be that much safer.

Now the Maryland State Police hope to get those officers back on the roads faster by putting that breathalyzer on wheels.  The State Police have purchased a mobile breath alcohol testing truck which will make the process for testing Maryland DUI suspects faster and simpler. Suspects can remain in the truck until they are picked up by a sober third party – or brought in for further legal action. The equipment on the truck is of the same standard as is in a police station.

Having the testing done closer to the arrests will help free up officers to get back on the road and make more arrests. Thus no one should be surprised if Maryland DUI arrests go up next year.