National Bike to Work Day 2014

National Bike to Work Day 2014Have you ever sat on the train or in your car on the way to work and looked longingly at the people riding in the bike lanes? Not only are they saving on gas and vehicle expenses, they’re getting healthy one commute at a time. Changing the way you commute to work is easier than you might think, and National Bike to Work Day 2014 challenges you to find the way to ditch your car and get to work on your bike.

Bike to Work Day is May 16th this year, and bike groups all across the United States are encouraging you to get out on your bike by hosting events in almost every city. You’ll be able to find group rides, corporate events, and small businesses all getting together for breakfasts, give aways, and fun.

The American Medical Association has recognized biking as a healthy and safe alternative to driving, and it’s a great way to get in shape and stay healthy without having to schedule in a workout. Join in on National Bike to Work Day 2014 this May 16th.