National Depression Screening Day is October 10th, 2013

National Depression Screening Day Although years ago you probably wouldn’t have considered depression as one of the reasons why people seek out alcohol or drink to excess, statistics now show that depression and alcohol are intrinsically linked.  Maybe an individual is drinking alcohol as a way to cope with life and relieve symptoms of depression. Or, that person is drinking to excess and it’s actually causing them to feel helpless and depressed because they can’t stop.

Because alcohol affects the chemistry of your brain, drinking alcohol can cause feelings of intense depression. As well, waking up hung over can make you feel blue and out of sorts, masking what you are truly feeling or making life’s stresses much worse.

No matter what the cause of depression, there is help for anyone who seeks it. The National Depression Screening Day is coming up this October 10th, 2013 and is sponsored by Screening for Mental Health. They’re offering programs for military, college, university, community-based organizations, and businesses in an attempt to assist those who are suffering from depression and raise awareness for both depression and mood or anxiety disorders.

No matter where you live, you can visit and find a screening location in your area. If there are no locations in your area, you can take the test anonymously and online in the comfort of your home. Upon completion, you’ll be directed to resources both online and in your area that will help you take the first step on the road to recovery.