National Drive Safely to Work Week 2013

Drive Safely to Work WeekIf you run a company, you’ve probably concerned yourself mostly with what your employees do within company doors from 9 to 5 pm, but have you ever considered the safety issues presented to your employees just by the simple act of getting to work each day.

Each year 2000 employees die in vehicle crashes or by being struck by vehicles while out on the job. The Network of Employees for Traffic Safety (NETS) would like to draw attention to this fact by improving driver safety, building driver awareness, and focusing on getting employees to and performing their jobs safely each and every day.

The National Drive Safely to Work Week for 2013 is coming up this October 7th to 11th.  The theme for this year is “Gear up for safe driving: Mind. Body.Vehicle,” with the idea that a driver’s mind, body, and vehicle work together to ensure a safe drive to work.

This Drive Safely to Work Week the NETS would like employees to be aware of the following before getting behind the wheel:

  • Have you had your vision screened recently?
  • Are you well rested?
  • Is your vehicle properly fueled?
  • Are you keeping your vehicle up to date on safety checks and preventative maintenance?
  • Is your vehicle the right type for you?


For more information on National Drive Safely to Work Week, please visit the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety.