National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

National Substance Abuse Prevention MonthSubstance abuse isn’t just something that affects people you see on TV or read about in newspapers. Someone struggling with a substance abuse disorder could be living next door to you, sit across from you on the bus during your daily commute, or even a family member who you’d never suspect. To bring light to the growing problem of substance abuse across America, October has been declared National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.

Many, many Americans who live their lives in the shadow of substance abuse face uncertain futures. Their very health and personal safety are at stake as substance abuse disorder have been linked to an increase in criminal activity, motor vehicle crashes, and motor vehicle fatalities.

That’s why the theme of this year’s National Substance Abuse Prevention Month is so important –  “Learn it! Live it!” is a simple statement that emphasizes the need for a growing awareness of how this problem affects people within the community, and asks people to be positive examples and role models for their friends, families, and neighbors. It’s also more important than ever for adults to assist the country’s youth by discussing substance abuse and leading the way to healthy lifestyle.

Help prevent substance abuse before it begins. For more information on you can get involved in National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, visit the