National Teen Driver Safety Week

National Teen Driver Safety WeekDid you know motor vehicle crashes are the main cause of death for teens?  For teen drivers aged 16 to 19, the likelihood of being involved in a fatal crash is 4 times higher than an adult over the age of 25. In fact, every year the United States loses more than 5000 teens to motor vehicle crashes. In light of this growing problem, a group of State Representatives, Senators, and co-sponsors came together in 2007 to create National Teen Driver Safety Week.

National Teen Driver Safety Week takes place every year in the 3rd week of October, and this year it will be held October 21st to 26th, 2013. The theme will be “It Takes Two: Shared Expectations for Teens and Parents for Driving,” and it’s the hope of organizers that the theme will drive home the thought that teaching a teen to drive safely is a collaboration between parent and child.

Start your teen off of the right track and support National Teen Driver Safety Week by following these tips to help your teen become a safe driver:

  • Use a driving log and driving lesson timeline to ensure you provide adequate driving practice. Be sure to advocate for at least 65 hours of supervised driving practice for your teen.
  • Ensure your teen does not make the errors of driving too fast for road conditions or driving while distracted, and teach them how to keep a constant eye out for hazards.

Set in place your house rules for independent driving and stick to them for the first year to establish safe driving