Nation’s Sheriffs: DUI is a Crime. And Crimes Mean Victims.

DUI Victims need care, say sheriffsThe National Sheriffs’ Association wants law enforcement officers to know that a DUI crash is more than an incident to be investigated and reported on. It’s a crime with often devastating consequences for the DUI victims.

Officers called to a collision take down facts, determine the cause, and of course, get help for crash victims. But traditionally that has meant seeing that they got medical treatment. Once that has been taken care of, the matter was taken over by courts and insurance companies.

The problem with the traditional approach is that drunk driving is a crime, and those who are affected by a DUI are crime victims. They need and deserve the same assistance that other crime victims now get though victims assistance programs. This could include referrals for counseling, compensation, legal advice, and more. This video encourages law enforcement officers to employ compassion and consideration when dealing with DUI victims.

The police are not just the first people a DUI victim sees after a crash; they are also the link between the crime and the people who can help ease suffering during the aftermath. Every DUI collision has many victims, not just the ones who are hit. Families and friends can also be affected in ways that only become clear weeks or months later. The National Sheriffs’ Association is sending an important message to officers around the country: remember you’re dealing with innocent victims whose lives are changed forever by this thoughtless crime.