Neknomination is spreading to the USA

Neknomination is spreading to the USAThere’s a new drinking game in town – Neknomination is spreading to the USA, and it can be deadly to anyone who chooses to play it. Neknomination, a ‘speed’ drinking challenge that began in Australia but has since swept England, Ireland, and Canada, has already killed 5 young people in Great Britain and been the subject of YouTube videos where people drink to dangerous excess.

The game is designed to be a challenge in which one participant is invited to ‘outdo’ another by drinking a large amount of alcohol. The drink itself may contain additional ingredients ranging from raw eggs, protein powder, to a toxic substance like engine oil. Once the participant does his or her challenge, they nominate someone else to outdo them.

Because the game is spreading like wildfire thanks to social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter are asking the public to report pages that ‘like’ or spread Neknomination. Parents are warned to be on the lookout for any signs that their child ahs been asked to participate, and Universities and schools are also stepping up their EMT responses and promoting awareness of alcohol poisoning.